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Paver Installation in Bakersfield, CA

The Custom Concrete Crew is a business division that operates within the Bakersfield area. We are your reliable source to design, install, restore, or repair any type of outdoor hardscape. Call us and schedule an on-site assessment to get a free quote.

Residential & Commercial

As a preferred local business, we provide to property owners the highest quality of hardscaping services available within Bakersfield and surrounding areas. Our prices are competitive and our commitment to customer satisfaction is truly second to none. Contact us to learn more about the company.




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Licensed Paver Installers

Whether you are looking for a home improvement or simply wanting to make a property more functional, adding paving stones is perhaps the most viable option. A paved surface allows for a considerable expansion of living space and provides the ability to create different usable areas.

Installing pavers is a great way to increase the usability of a property. Nonetheless, it can be a challenge to accomplish this task without professional assistance. A qualified contractor can help you determine how much time the project will take, the budget for material and labor, and the most convenient additions for an outdoor space.

Paving is not just about improving the appearance of a surface. It is also about keeping with the latest trends and ensuring that the surface will stand the test of time. With the various designs, shapes and materials that can be used for a paver floor, there is no reason why you should not get one.

Benefits of Paving Stones

Increase value – Adding paving stones can be a compelling feature if you wish to augment the valuation of your property. In most cases, a building with a paved yard has greater selling power because buyers often consider that the additional living space can come in handy for entertainment.

Aesthetically versatile – Personalized hardscaping can be a great way to improve an outdoor area. Driveway pavers can be installed in a simple grid or in complex interlocking patterns. Choose from a wide selection of styles, colors and shapes to give your property a look that fits your style. We can create a beautiful and unique design that will be sure to set you apart from others.

Extremely durable – Our structures are built to last for many years. The pavers we utilize are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and regular foot traffic. Hence, they are very durable and do not require much care. This makes them one of the most popular paving materials to install and maintain.

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Common Types of Pavers

Concrete – These pavers are perhaps the best multipurpose material for your landscaping needs. Although they look like natural stone from a distance, they are actually made of concrete. Usually, the concrete is blended with other materials to give it that decorative stone appearance. This is done by adding coloring agents or substances that are similar in appearance and texture.

Brick – They are made through a manufacturing process that involves digging clay from the ground, mixing it with water and curing it under heat. Various colors, textures, and other aesthetic features can be created using different materials during the production stage.

Flagstone – Flat slabs of natural stone that have been used for centuries to create a variety of flooring options. They are functional, long lasting and come in a wide range of styles to fit both formal and casual settings. With their natural and irregular appearance, flagstones create a traditional feeling.

Hardscape Installation Process

01. Material selection – Each hardscaping material has its own benefits. For example, pavers are more expensive but they offer a higher-end look that is desired by many. While poured concrete may not be as visually appealing, it is cheaper and will require less maintenance over time.

02. Hardscape design – The design phase involves discovering what the client is expecting to achieve with the project. Are you looking for a play area, do you want a space to entertain friends and family, are you building a home extension or looking to enhance the existing landscape? All these factors will determine the layout for your new paver floor.

03. Paver installation – After all the grass and weeds have been removed from the installation site, we will start grading the land to ensure a level surface. Then, our workers will install the desired surface and other requested features such as seating areas, fire pits, fountains, or retaining walls.

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Call Our Qualified Technicians

We begin each project with an on-site property inspection. While determining the size and scope of the assignment, our team will provide you with a cost estimate. This is also the time to ask questions, make special requests, and learn about what our work entails.

  • Custom hardscape patios to enhance outdoor spaces
  • Sturdy driveways that endure foot and vehicle traffic
  • Alluring pool decks to accommodate friends and family
  • Versatile sidewalks that connect different property areas
  • Functional retaining walls or decorative garden walls
  • Restoration services for any type of hardscape structure
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Let our team of professionals design and install a unique outdoor space for your aspirational hardscape.