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Hardscape Installation in Bakersfield, CA

Licensed Hardscape Contractors

Hardscaping is the most exciting way to transform a backyard and give an outdoor living area a fresh new look and feel, starting with a beautiful surface. It can be the difference between making your space look like an empty lot, or creating your own retreat of tranquility. With choices to fit any budget, you can customize the color, shape, size and finish of a patio, driveway, sidewalk, pool deck and more.

Hardscaping often intimidates individuals due to fears of property damage or an unrealistic budget. The truth is, this should not be something that intimidates you when dealing with our professionals. By turning the job over to our experienced contractors, you can put your mind at ease and know the project is in the best hands possible.

We have been in the business for years and have worked on multiple properties around the area, meaning our credentials and knowledge ensure a level of expertise that is difficult to come by in the hardscaping industry. We are proud to have built our reputation on hard work and superior quality. Our vast array of services will provide you with the best outdoor living.

Common Types of Surfaces

Patio pavers – If you are interested in adding a decorative and functional element to your driveway paving but are unsure which product to choose, pavers are a perfect option. Pavers are made of a variety of materials that are designed to be used outdoors. Their versatility comes from the ability to add visual interest while still providing a consistent surface. They also maintain an integrity even through the harshest weather conditions.

Natural stone – Flagstones are unique paving slabs made from natural stone, which makes them strong and durable. They come in many different colors and textures. Hence, you can pick out something that is unique to your taste. Because we customize every job, we can lay down flagstone slabs to acquire a polished appearance that adds character to every surface. We make sure all natural stone structures are installed and leveled correctly to facilitate foot traffic.

Poured concrete – When thinking about building a patio, cost should not be one of your main considerations. However, concrete patios are more inexpensive than other types of hardscaping surfaces because concrete is easier to install and can be poured into any shape of your choice. This flexibility reduces the labor of our concrete contractors.

Additional Hardscaping Features

Retaining wall – These structures are composed of concrete blocks or natural stones on the outside and pack landscaping material on the inside. A retaining wall installer calculates the angles to keep the soil in place. It is called a “retaining” wall because it keeps dirt, water and other organic elements inside. One of the main functions of retaining walls is to hold back excess water that can flood an area or create mudslides. The wall prevents soil from spilling over onto adjacent properties.

Water feature – Creating a water feature in your landscape adds an artistic quality that complements and softens traditional, often-formal outdoor spaces. Water features can also provide practical benefits; for example, they attract birds to a backyard and provide a soothing background noise for exterior living areas.

Stone fire pit – Building a fire pit in your backyard is a fun and cost-effective way to add value to a home. It is also a great place to enjoy outdoor activities, like late-evening meetings and nighttime stargazing. There is something primal and inviting about building a circle of stones and lighting it on fire, in an attempt to gather your family and spend time together outdoors.

Landscape curbing – Often used to add a boundary or line between two different sections of a yard. It is a popular method that many people use to add interest and curb appeal to their landscape. This technique can also be used as an accent piece for your garden. Some people like to place various types of stones and rocks at the bottom of their landscape curbing so it has more of an artistic look. It can also provide support for trees and shrubs you intend on planting.

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We begin each project with an on-site property inspection. While determining the size and scope of the assignment, our team will provide you with a cost estimate. This is also the time to ask questions, make special requests, and learn about what our work entails.

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  • Sturdy driveways that endure foot and vehicle traffic
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  • Functional retaining walls or decorative garden walls
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