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Concrete Patio Installation in Bakersfield, CA

Licensed Patio Installers

A concrete patio is a great addition to any property, it can bring value and function to your home year-round. Patios are one of the most popular additions to a residence because they provide a great way to entertain guests. Patios also give homeowners a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

You can pick from a variety of patterns and colors when choosing a concrete patio. The decorative options of the concrete are based on what you want the patio to look like. Some patios are stamped with a stylish pattern that gives the surface an individualized look, while others are done with just a smooth finish. This all depends on your taste and budget. A stamped patio will require some maintenance such as sweeping and occasional washing. It is not difficult to keep clean and well worth the effort once you see the final product. If you are not ecstatic about a stamped surface, then you can choose a polished finish that is less time consuming but still beautiful in its simplicity.

Everyone wants a nice concrete patio, but few people know how to build one. If you are a DIY individual with little experience, then never try to handle this type of home improvement project alone. Installing a concrete patio is a complex job that needs to be correctly done the first time. Concrete is not just poured over the ground. Moisture, dirt, temperature, and other natural elements must be controlled during the concrete curing process. Installing a concrete surface requires patience and precision, the process cannot be rushed once the installation begins. Without the proper materials and techniques, even the most beautiful patio will require concrete repair if damaged by the outdoor elements. Hiring professional patio contractors to install the hardscaping is the most convenient option if you are looking for a quality product.

Benefits of Concrete Patios

Affordable – The cost of building a concrete patio is much lower compared to the materials used for a paver patio. The reason is that concrete surfaces can easily be poured into any shape and completed in a couple of days.

Versatile – If you do not want a boring plain concrete surface, and are looking for a more unique appearance for the patio installation project you have in mind, we can use many pigments and stamp patterns to add color and texture.

Durable – Concrete is known for being one of the toughest materials available. It can easily withstand harsh weather conditions like snow, rain and heat. After the installation, a concrete patio should last for many years if it is properly cared for.

Low-Maintenance – A concrete patio requires less maintenance than other types of patios, such as gravel or natural stone. Concrete provides a clean, smooth pavement with no grass to cut or weeds to pull.

Concrete Installation Process

01. Patio design – Every property owner wants an accessible, functional and beautiful patio. Many of our potential customers usually have an idea of a particular design. Hence, our patio installers strive to create a landscape plan with client preferences, illustrating existing site conditions and schematic design alternatives to address the challenges of the project.

02. Base preparation – Contractors know that concrete will crack and crumble if it is not poured over a solid, stable base. Nonetheless, you would be surprised of how many individuals fail to apply this basic rule. Our team will evaluate the conditions of the soil and the overall area where you want to install the concrete surface. The goal is to ensure a sturdy base.

03. Pouring material – If the conditions allow it, sometimes concrete is poured directly on the ground. Still, a more popular and higher quality technique is to use forms. Forms consist of sturdy frameworks made out of plywood, cement boards or other suitable materials to provide a solid shape and level surface on which to pour the concrete.

04. Concrete finishing – This involves a two-step process. The first step consists of removing all loose debris and contaminants. This is done by cleaning the surface using a pressure washer, sponges or wire brushes. The second step includes using finishing materials to smooth the surface and enhance its appearance.

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