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Concrete Driveway Contractors in Bakersfield

Licensed Driveway Installers

A concrete driveway is an investment that pays off in property value and lifestyle enhancements. With stylish colors and traditional stamped patterns, an installed driveway is often a building’s first noticeable feature. It adds curb appeal, increases the functionality of parking space, and is a great venue for outdoor living. Built to avoid the wear-and-tear of time, our concrete surfaces can last decades if they are properly maintained and cared for. A well-constructed driveway does not need much upkeep. A simple sweep with a broom and maybe a rinse off with the garden hose every few weeks is all it takes.

Our professional driveway contractors understand the importance of enhancing a concrete structure with procedures that improve its durability and beauty. There are various methods for installing a concrete driveway. The most basic method involves pouring a thick layer of concrete directly onto dirt or grass. A more complicated method requires forming a base by mixing cement with sand and gravel to create a layer that will support the weight of vehicles. This base is then topped with a layer of fine sand and another layer of concrete that forms the finished surface.

With our services, we will come out to your residence with a knowledgeable crew who has experience working on different types of surfaces and in varying weather conditions. We provide the right installation for your driveway replacement, no matter what you are looking for. Get your driveway paving by specialists with years of experience, utilizing top quality materials from the best brands in the industry. Let us show you how easy and affordable it is to build a concrete driveway.

Benefits of Concrete Driveways

Affordable – Concrete is fairly accessible when you compare it with other upscale paving materials. Cost is based mostly on the volume of concrete and the size of area to be paved. A concrete driveway installation can also turn into an attractive investment. It can increase the value of your property with a beautiful entryway.

Versatile – Modern techniques enable us to create beautiful concrete surfaces that bring creativity to life and help us achieve a design that can complement your architecture. By choosing from a wide range of colors and patterns, your concrete driveway can match the landscaping style of your property, or it can become a bold feature.

Durable – Concrete has long been considered the most durable material on the market. The lifespan of a concrete driveway is estimated to be about 30 years for the average homeowner, whereas an asphalt driveway can last only from 13 to 20 years in total. With proper installation and maintenance, concrete can withstand the elements for decades.

Low-Maintenance – The beauty of concrete is that the top layer of it will stay smooth and consistent, making it easy to clean and take care of. Concrete requires no upkeep other than simple sweeping and washing. It is also a sturdy material, which means it does not require frequent repairs.

Design Options for Concrete

Traditional gray – Concrete is gray by nature. The color comes from the cement ingredients that are blended to create the concrete mixture. Often, concrete contractors in Bakersfield will use grey concrete for an exterior product because it provides a nice contrast. The mix of grey and white creates depth without drawing attention into specific areas.

Colored or stained – Concrete dye is a mixture of pigments and water designed to alter the natural color of concrete. The pigments are usually mixed with the cement when it is being poured into place, creating a uniform color throughout the surface. Dyes can also be applied post-pouring, which involves running the dye through the surface with a machine.

Stamped pattern – Stamped concrete, commonly referred to as patterned concrete, is a style of decorative concrete in which patterns, textures, or images are introduced into the wet surface of newly placed concrete. After the primary setting of the concrete, the introduction of a hard material (usually wood or rubber) creates a pattern in the top layer. This can be repeated multiple times for subtle effects or deeper trenches carved out to create dramatic effects. The visual impression from above can range from simple aesthetic patterns to more complex graphics.

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