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Best Bakersfield Concrete Contractors

The Custom Concrete Crew is a business division that operates within the Bakersfield area. We are your reliable source to design, install, restore, or repair any type of outdoor hardscape. Call us and schedule an on-site assessment to get a free quote.

Residential & Commercial

As a preferred local business, we provide to property owners the highest quality of hardscaping services available within Bakersfield and surrounding areas. Our prices are competitive and our commitment to customer satisfaction is truly second to none. Contact us to learn more about the company.




Steps & Stairs

cement mixture
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Quality Concrete Services

The decorative, durable and affordable nature of concrete makes this building material a popular choice for our service of driveway replacement in Bakersfield. It gives you the freedom to design a more functional layout while enhancing the curb appeal and value of a property.

A concrete installation project can be very rewarding for both the contractor and property owner. A quality, durable concrete surface looks great and lasts a long time. However, an inexact job is noticeable and should be avoided at all costs, it can make a building visually unappealing.

If the project is completed by a knowledgeable individual, it is usually approached in a reasonable and professional manner. That is why we recommend you get assistance from an experienced concrete contractor. The installation process is sometimes overwhelming, but it can be simplified by asking the right questions and knowing what the final product will look like.

Benefits of Concrete Surfaces

Affordable – The biggest advantage of installing concrete over other common hardscaping materials is pricing. A concrete patio in Bakersfield is more affordable, especially when you consider labor costs.

Versatile – Concrete had a bad reputation in the past for being unattractive. But times have changed, it is now one of the most popular types of flooring. By using color pigments and imprinting techniques, concrete surfaces can be customized to look like wood, brick, or natural stone.

Durable – Concrete is known as a durable material, but only when it is installed correctly. The key to concrete being durable is ensuring that workmanship standards are met throughout the project.

Low-maintenance – Another benefit that concrete provides is its ease of maintenance. Wear and tear occur much less frequently with concrete surfaces than with other paving options.

ashlar pattern
colored concrete surface
wet sand
floated finish

Regular vs. Stamped Concrete

Concrete is more flexible than many people realize. The appeal of concrete lies in its ability to achieve aesthetic effects similar to those of more expensive surface materials such as tile, slate or wood. But unlike them, concrete has the added advantages of being inexpensive and long-lasting.

Often considered bland and unattractive, a new way of using concrete has been developed to improve its appearance. A decorative concrete surface adds color and visual depth to a property. There are multiple design options you can choose with stamped concrete, and what pattern and pigment you select will have a huge effect on how the outdoor space looks.

Nonetheless, first-timers install decorative concrete with a bit of uncertainty. It is challenging to mix certain concrete pigments and align the stamp mats on fresh cement. A professional installer, on the other hand, will be able to obtain the desired pigmentation color and create a flawless stamp pattern.

Concrete Installation Process

01. Assessment – The process typically starts with a walk-through survey of the property where we will identify specific details concerning the concrete installation. We will start by offering advice on hardscape selection. After that, our pricing options will give a clear breakdown of all the costs.

02. Preparation – The ground needs to be free of grass, roots, and other organic material before the concrete is poured. Hence, the preparation begins with the clearing of the area. Then, our crew will tamp down the soil and lay a bed of compacted material to provide a solid foundation.

03. Installation – The cement is poured over a form and then leveled to slope away from the property. The surface is subsequently troweled in a wet finish with a screed board. Then, while the concrete is still fresh, our workers carefully begin stamping a pattern. Once the concrete has hardened, the floor is cleaned with a power washer to remove all unwanted debris.

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Call Our Qualified Technicians

We begin each project with an on-site property inspection. While determining the size and scope of the assignment, our team will provide you with a cost estimate. This is also the time to ask questions, make special requests, and learn about what our work entails.

  • Custom hardscape patios to enhance outdoor spaces
  • Sturdy driveways that endure foot and vehicle traffic
  • Alluring pool decks to accommodate friends and family
  • Versatile sidewalks that connect different property areas
  • Functional retaining walls or decorative garden walls
  • Restoration services for any type of hardscape structure
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Let our team of professionals design and install a unique outdoor space for your aspirational hardscape.